raccoon_trappingWildlife Trapping: Whether it’s coyotes running your property or rodents in your attic, we provide trapping services that will help control your problems by process of elimination!

Wildlife Prevention & Exclusions: Last time we checked, we still haven’t seen or heard of any animals paying rent! If you have those creepy noises in your attic or crawl space, they can easily be handled by our professional but yet affordable exclusion and prevention services. This service keeps those unwanted critters outside where they belong by providing wildlife proofing to your house or business with permanent lasting materials that cannot be penetrated.

Dead Animal Removal: There’s nothing worse than that foul odor seeping through the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home or business. We offer a detailed inspection and suggestions of how we can remove these problems in a fast timely matter!

deadattic(2)Clean-up & Disinfecting: Don’t forget about this service! These animals may have been in your attic, crawl, or basement for longer than you think. Usually only 30% of the feces and urine can be noticed while the other 70% is hidden beneath insulation and wood structures. We can remove this disease threatening contamination followed up by a full disinfecting service.

Attic insulation Atlanta ga

Installing new insulation after bat infestation

Insulation: No one wants contaminated insulation soiling their attic or crawl areas. We offer several different options to help you decide which best fit you. Our services include full or partial removal with re-insulation opportunities.